Sunday, April 18, 2010

Blame it on my head

So, I did a bike ride today but didn't walk at all. we'll blame it on my head today. I had the start of a migraine this morning and only copious amounts of meds. helped get it under control so that i could go out at all. Still having a bit of a headache, but nothing major at this point.

Anyway, I did a 10 mile ride today on the West State Street Section of the trail. Lovely as usual, and i got to see several more miles of the bikepath that i have not yet expereinced. I had to take a couple breaks and am not very fast but really enjoyed just being outside. It actually helped my headache as the silence is ablsolutely perfect for me. There were other people on the trail but not a lot. Lovely day, great ride, thank goodness drugs make me feel better. LOL

Am attaching a couple pics. One is of my lovely bike, (which i've decided needs a name, i'm gonna have to think on that), one is a picturesque farm right off the bikepath and the last is just some clouds i thought were pretty. hope you enjoy them!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

First Bike/Walk Day

Am very excited. today i got my bike out of the garage and had a lovely ride. Well, not too lovely. It was a bit tougher than i had thought it would be. I got my bike out this morning, aired up the tires at the BP station down the road, put the bike carrier on the car and loaded up the bike. After eating a quick lunch and packing my fanny pack (yes i carried a fanny pack, sorry if anyone is embarassed by this), i headed to town. I parked at the rec center and embarked on a bike ride. I haven't ridden in several months, so this was a big deal. I may have been a bit overzealous but, i managed to ride 8 miles. I had to stop and rest once but, i made it. I don't think this would have been quite so hard if the wind was not so strong and it wasn't so stinking cold. What is up with this weather?

Anyway, i finished my bike ride, loaded the bike back on the car; then set out on a walk. I then walked 6 miles. I am very proud of myself. not only did i get a great bike ride in, i also managed to still walk and got a ton of exercise today. I am very close to hitting the 100 pounds lost mark and hope to reach it this week. I will probably try for another bike/walk tomorrow. Will probably do the same amounts but am planning on trying a different section of the trail. Hopefully it goes as well as my trips did today, maybe it'll be a little warmer!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

8 Miles, yeah!

Since i got off work early yesterday, i decided to try to walk 8 miles. It was great! I started at the Community Center and walked over to West State Street Park. I walked on sections of the trail that i haven't had a chance to walk on yet. This section is all along the river and runs by White's Mill which is a lovely spot to see. It was nice, but I haven't found a section of the trail that i enjoyed as much as my walk Saturday.

The entire walk took about 2.5 hours, but i wasn't really pushing myself. I wanted to make sure i survived this first attempt at such a long trek! Am thinking i will do another 8 mile on Saturday or Sunday, depending on how i'm feeling. (I had to stop taking my allergy medicine today in order to prep for my apt. with the Allergist on Tuesday. Have had a slight increase in symptoms today, but am a bit nervous things will get worse, but maybe not. who knows.) Anyway, I'm hopefull that i will feel okay this weekend because i'm hoping to try a whole new section of the trail near Nelsonville. This section goes through Wayne National Forest. It should be lovely. I also really need to get my bike out of the garage and check it out, air up the tires and get it ship shape ready to go. I also need to get the bike rack on the car so that i can start riding on the trail and around the lovely village of Albany as well.

Today i walked 6 miles. not bad, pushed myself a little but not overly hard. I think i have lost a couple pounds in the past week, so this new exercise regime mustnot be too bad. And i love the sun and fresh air. I really need to keep at it and keep increasing though, as my 1 year anniversary for working out is just under a month away and i am determined to be at 100 lbs. lost by the time it comes. May 11th is my date and i'm really hopeful. Not that this is all i need/want to lose, i will still have an additional 35 pounds to go (at least) after that. Hopefully i will be able to get to my goal weight by my 30th birthday in August. I'm crossing my fingers.

Well, nothing exciting today. hopefully i haven't bored anyone too much with my driveling.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

New idea

so, i have decided that i am going to start using this blog to write about my daily walks and exercise. I know this may be kinda cliche, but i could care less.

So, yesterday i did a lovely 6 mile, say we call it a jaunt, on the bikepath from West State Street Park in Athens, mile marker 4 to mile marker 7 in The Plains and back. Typically when i walk i start at the Community Center and walk towards the Ohio University Campus, or towards Holzer Clinic. I usually walk 3-4 miles per day for about 1 to 1 and a 1/2 hours. This walk took me a little over 2 hours and was a far superior walk to any i have done yet. The weather was sublime, the flora and fauna were superb in their showing, and there was enough traffic to make me feel secure, without feeling crowded.

The path starts at West State Street Park. It winds through several types of habitats including prarie grasslands, wetlands and woods. It is shaded for a good portion of the trip, so it was several degrees cooler than in the sunlight. the best part of the trip though was the abundance of wildflowers.

I believe i saw 7 varieties in all. They were all lovely and unique. most were one i have seen before and am familiar with. Spring Beauty (a particular favorite of mine), Dutchman's Breeches, Wild Geranium, Violets, Mayapple (not yet blooming), Toad Trillum (maroon), and Large Flowering Trillium (White) I am going to post some photos along with this post, but they are not great photos as they were taken with my cell phone and the color is dreadful. I really need to get a new camera. I also saw a lovely wild cherry tree in bloom, and a lovely flower that i have yet to figure out what it was. I'll update when i get it.

anyway, the walk yesterday was great and i had a lovely time.

Today i decided to walk from the Community Center as normal. I walked 3 miles to O'bleness Hospital and back to the Rec. The real triumph today was that i did this in 1 hour 45 minutes. That was a personal best for me. 6 miles in 105 minutes. I'm thrilled. I did jog a little, very little, but really need to start doing more of that. My biggest fear with jogging though, esp. outside, is that i am going to set myself off into an asthma attack. Thus, i have decided, that if i want to jog, i will do so at around the 2.5 mile marker to the 3 mile marker. That way if i do have an asthma attack (or for that matter a heart attack) i will be directly behind the hospital. This should work.

The highlight of my walk today was the beautiful Indigo Bunting that i saw. This bright and beautiful bird was sitting at a bird feeder off of the 7th tee of the Ohio University Golf course which runs adjacent to the bikepath. i have seen Indigo Buntings before, but am always amazed at thier incredible coloring. It seems almost unbelievable that something in nature should have such a wild, exotic and lovely color. This is Ohio after all, generally i think of the birds here as much less exotic, but the Indigo Bunting is so beautiful and bright it is a delight. (And i really don't care for birds unless they are raptors.)

Welll that's it for now. Hope you enjoy the chronicles of my walks and adventures in nature. I'm by no means an expert, so if i've made a mistake in my identification, please let me know. Enjoy the weather.

Friday, March 12, 2010

My Love's the Only Promise that Remains

Quote for the day:

Taken from: 'My love's the only promise that remains'

Music and Lyrics by Justin Timberlake and Matt Morris

'when the ground beneath you starts a shakin', shakin'
and you forget the place we came from, came from
when your lost and looking for a way home, your way home to me
i'll come out and find you.

when the world around you starts a movin', movin'
and you should wonder if i still love you, love you
if you feel the darkness coming, rising inside
i'll make a light to guide you back home.'

I am such a boring person!

Gotta say, after the last few weeks, is there anything better than sitting at home listening to great music, reading, surfing the web and listening to the rain on my metal roof? Am feeling slightly content at the moment. (I think the new drugs are working. Thank you Dr. Lepi)

Haven't been up to much lately. just resting and trying to get beyond these headaches/migraines. must admit that i haven't been reading much; working out; or generally giving a crap about what i am eating/doing in general. I did have a great weekend last weekend. Went home to Smithville, got to spend all day Saturday with the Family. Also spent most of the day Sunday with the kids and family. The kids are growing so much and the baby is getting ridiculously big! I have to get home more often. They are just to precious!

Want to try to get some cleaning and crafting done this weekend and am determined to get back to working out. Really want to do at least an hour and a half Saturday and Sunday. If i can, I'd love to be able to do more! But, we will have to see how i am feeling in the am. Wish me luck!

i will admit that in my absolute laziness i have been surfing the web a lot and have become obsessed with Netflix. Love rating movies and adding tons of great films and ones i want to see to my list. It's so much fun. I got "Answer Man" on Wednesday and watched it that night. For someone who does not have cable and lives in the sticks, i was thrilled to have a movie. 'Answer Man' was pretty good. I enjoy Lauren Graham and Jeff Daniels was pretty good in this. I love the humor and the romance (not to mushy or pushy). I would give it 3.5 stars out of 5. My next movie 'Cheri' with Michelle Pfeiffer. It is due to arrive tomorrow. I can't wait to watch it. Hope its good.

I really need to push myself to finish reading 'Committed' and 'Pirate Latitudes'. Pirate Latitudes is good, i just haven't been in a big mood to read. Committed is boring and contrived and I really just need to finish reading it to satisfy my OCD.

Well, should sign off. Think i am going to turn in and enjoy listening to the rain. Goodnight All!

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Books, Food and more!

I love books! most people know this about me. I am so excited for Preschool this next week because we'll be talking about Dr. Seuss all week! He's one of the best authors ever!!!!!

Anyway. Just finished reading a great book. 'Kiss' by Tedd Dekker & Erin Healy. So good. Really recommend it to anyone who is looking for a great read. (let me know if you want to borrow it. As long as you promise to return it i'll bring it/send it to you!)

It's a really good book full of Suspense, Action, Intrigue, a touch of Romance (but not sexy, mushy kind. Though i often appreciate those types of books too), and has the underlying message of God's faithfulness and hope in every situation. Totally LOVED IT!

So, now that I've finished that, I'll be moving on to finish 'Committed' by Elizabeth Gilbert, then will probably start 'Remarkable Creatures' by Tracey Chevalier. Am very excited about the later book. I love Tracey Chevalier and have been anxiously anticipating a new book from her for quite some time. Plan to really savor and appreciate her amazing storytelling gift and enjoy this new book. It looks great!

Also today, I tried a new food product. For anyone who has not yet had a 'Quorn' product, i highly recommend them. It is a vegetarian company, but so much more. Every item that i have tried of thier's i absolutely love. And today was no exception. I tried the Quorn Turk'y Roast. It is meatless and soy-free. Quorn products are made with 'the ideal protein source...mycoprotein. Myco is the Greek word for fungi' (Quorn box) So it is made with a type of fermented fungus! How cool is taht. It is vey low in calories, easy to make and absolutely yummy. So, the next time you're at the Grocery Store, be sure to look for some amazing Quorn Products. they have made my new vegetarian lifestyle so easy and worth it!

Well, I'll sign off now. Hope anyone is actually reading this! If you are let me know. I'm desperate for approval, disapproval, anything really! Attention, that's the name of the game. We all want attention!

Quote of the Day: " your name Buxbaum or Bixby or Bray or Mordecai Ali Van Allen O'Shea, you're off to Great Places! Today is your day! Your mountain is waiting. So...get on your way!" Dr. Seuss, 'Oh, the Places You'll Go!'