Sunday, April 18, 2010

Blame it on my head

So, I did a bike ride today but didn't walk at all. we'll blame it on my head today. I had the start of a migraine this morning and only copious amounts of meds. helped get it under control so that i could go out at all. Still having a bit of a headache, but nothing major at this point.

Anyway, I did a 10 mile ride today on the West State Street Section of the trail. Lovely as usual, and i got to see several more miles of the bikepath that i have not yet expereinced. I had to take a couple breaks and am not very fast but really enjoyed just being outside. It actually helped my headache as the silence is ablsolutely perfect for me. There were other people on the trail but not a lot. Lovely day, great ride, thank goodness drugs make me feel better. LOL

Am attaching a couple pics. One is of my lovely bike, (which i've decided needs a name, i'm gonna have to think on that), one is a picturesque farm right off the bikepath and the last is just some clouds i thought were pretty. hope you enjoy them!

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